Viewing Apache Parquet files has never been easier

Clean visual view

No more messing around with the command line and obscure Java CLI

Easy to share, view and explore

Share data with ease, spare coworkers from the dreaded Hadoop install

Designed for Simplicity

Fully packaged

Nothing to install but the app.

No command line

Hassle and terminal free. Allows nontechnical personnel to inspect data easily.

HDFS Support

HDFS support is baked into the app, no need to pull remote files locally


The best .parquet file viewer there is

No need for expertise here, even nontechnical users can now open up .parquet files the same way they use spreadsheets. Works on the same workstation you use every day.

No need for cumbersome Java or Hadoop installs. With Chip, you can view local or HDFS hosted parquet files on any computer.

Chip reads the .parquet file content using Apache Arrow. This makes the app super fast and responsive, even for network reads.

Start using Chip today!

Mac License

Use Chip on a Mac workstation

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Total: $39.99